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Experts People are Taking Undue Advantage of relaxations in rules Accelerating COVID 19 Cases

With the current unlock time, we see people enjoying the liberty out here. With this, we can see several relaxations in the rules. However, experts in the city claim that people are taking undue advantage of the same. As per Dr. Nirmal Jaiswal the known Critical Care Expert at Wockhardt’s COVID-19 hospital at Gandhi Nagar claimed the same. He said the relaxed rules in the ongoing pandemic time is creating problems for the city. This has even led to the delay of getting the required resources for the hospital. 

The lack in tracking the COVID patients in Nagpur, the nonavailability of vaccine-medicine, etc. are some of the key reasons for the sudden rise in the positive cases in the city. Dr Nirmal Jaiswal pointed out that till the lockdown things were under control, as people were seen following all kinds of rules. These include getting the necessary precautions like wearing masks, doing sanitisation, social distancing and other norms.

However, with the unlocking of the city, people in Nagpur have become complacent as far as following the norms like social distancing and other things are concerned. He said after the unlocking was announced in the city, people tend to have kept everything at the back allowing things to turn from bad to worse.  He pointed out how the situation in the city has turned bad to worse. He said people in Nagpur were seen taking liberty to the norms. Stay tuned to know more about it and others only with us.

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