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Experts told that the closure of Ganga Jamuna will affect the prevention of AIDS

News has come to know from Nagpur city that the Nagpur Police, while completely banning commercial sexual activity in the red-light area of ​​Ganga Jamuna,

News has come to know from Nagpur city that the Nagpur Police, while completely banning commercial sexual activity in the red-light area of ​​Ganga Jamuna, people engaged in HIV prevention as well as awareness work on their ongoing projects and the consequent dangers have said that This is a very wrong deed and has raised concern together.

Given the potential for sex workers to move elsewhere for livelihoods, experts fear that containment measures could lead to the spread of the much more dangerous human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in an uncontrolled manner.

Along with the Indian Red Cross Society (IRCS), now some NGOs are also planning to write a letter to the Collector and Divisional Commissioner to draw their attention towards this problem.

Dr Milind Bhushundi, expert said that on HIV who is also part of various health and the societies and the whole task forces under the district administration, said that all the targeted interventions by the awareness of campaigners of NGOs like IRCS for avoid of HIV would lead to hostile result.

Dr Bhrisundi. said that It is verry much easier to focus on a HIV prevention with the based on brothel sex workers living in a red-light area where such a concentrated population can be contained. It has shown very positive results so far.

Dr Bhrishundi also said that if the population of brothel mixes with the ambulatory population of the outward, there will be cannot observation or any control of the HIV.

The ban on prostitution in the red light areas has not only taken away about 2,500-3,000 women from their livelihood, but has also brought to the fore another problem. in the Targeted intervention all projects in relation to HIV infection, which used to be bring into operation, in brothels of Ganga Jamuna and all the clients by IRCS, will also on the limit of going out of gear.

According to IRCS data, around 150 women from the Ganga & Jamuna have tested HIV positive between the year 2009 and 2014. HIV prevalence was significantly reduced by the intervention of the IRCS, which was distributing condoms, and about 64 people undergoing antiretroviral therapy with it. Help. the project manager of IRCS Hemlata Lohawe also said only two HIV cases were reported between March 2021 and April 2020. “in this year, we had two cases only of the HIV in the July month,” Lohaway said that, adding that the goal is to bring it to go down to 0. “If these brothel based all the workers of sex will move away from the area of the red light, we have not any clue how to protect them or others from HIV virus,” she said that.

Employee of the IRCS, Lohaway said that 3 lakh 55 thousand condoms will be distributed to the sex workers between the April 2020 and March 2021 and another 2 lakh 10 thousand condoms will be distributed between the month of April to July this year. she also said that “The spread of the two viruses was avoided only because of the COVID rules and our all awareness programs on the HIV virus”.

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