Faiza Aman Khan, the super young, talented, creative fashion stylist, besides many accomplishments in the fashion field

Faiza has gone further in the creative styling by doing Album Songs, with Alya Manasa and Sanjeev. Faiza being a fashionista always had to her credit glamour, grandeur and glitter. Her high-end fashion is Faiza Khan’s credibility.

An Album Song called Kaathadi, with artist Alya Manasa and Sanjeev which was released by Sony Music was a very runaway hit Album, the credit goes to Faiza Khan for taking up this gigantic challenge of designing outfits for the artist, and the concept of the Album Song Kaathadi was in slums of Chennai.

Faiza Aman Khan
Faiza Aman Khan

Faiza always into high fashion shows and events, took the concept of the Album as a challenge, for the entire shoot was shot in the Chennai slums, and whole team outfit of the Album, was a huge challenging task for Faiza, according to the concept of the Album the artists outfit were designed keeping the slum concept in mind, as well as there was live shoots in Chennal slum area, changing outfits of the entire team according to Albums concept was a huge responsibility which Faiza Khan delivered, after being a high end fashion designer and Stylist, Faiza took up this Album to showcase her determination of excellence not only for high fashion but she can be equally creative when it comes down to proving herself as a creative fashion designer.

Being always with top class way of designing high fashion outfits. Her clientele is the top most names of models and stars. She has worked for famous actress like Divya Bharathi, Alya Manasa, Yashika, Sakshi, Dharsha Gupta and many more.

The album song Kaathadi was filmed in the slum areas, therefore the outfits too had to be according to the concept of the song, when the makers approached Faiza Khan, it was a real time challenge Faiza Khan took up, as it was just the opposite way of Faiza giving out glamorous designer outfits to humble designer creation.
Faiza Khan has achieved her fame and name by sheer determination and strong personality.

On the seventh of January 2023 Faiza khan is attending an event in Thirchi in Tamil Nadu, as a judge in a fashion show, where 100 models will ramp walk.
Every step she moved ahead is with total dedication and her love for creativity.
Yet again Faiza Khan has done another Album for Yashika, it was a cover Album song.

The name Faiza Aman Khan adds a heavy weight in the fashion world with huge fashion shows, artistic designer outfits, album songs, high end fashion events, award functions, pageant shows.
Faiza Aman Khan is an industry by herself, and a volcano of talent, and success.

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