Fashionate Your Health and Beauty With Ms. Elseidy Passion

Dr. Sarah Elseidy is an Egyptian pharmacist & lifestyle blogger, she lives in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and has many talents to share.
Elseidy combined her passion towards fashion with her practical life and carrier to be an expert in the field of health care and marketing. She exerted a remarkable effort through her experience in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry and was awarded by Julphar company in UAE.

Dr. Sarah Elseidy
Dr. Sarah Elseidy

Ms. Elseidy is skilled in different fields and has improved her practical skills, beside the theoretical ones, to maintain the top position among her peers. Thus, she developed her skills in fields of research, management, PR strategies, branding and strategic planning.

Ms. Elseidy launched her initiative (the Treatment Etiquette) to provide her audience with all the necessary information to raise their awareness about topics of health & beauty using an eye-catching title (Fashion your Health and Beauty).

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