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Fed up with money crunch, woman committed theft

Chhaya Bhoyer, who mistook 1 cop in plain clothes as a common customer, woman thief was arrested by the police

Nagpur: On Tuesday, a 28-year-old woman jewel thief, a science graduate with experience of being an accountant in a five-star hotel, was caught by the police at Sonar Oli in Itwari.

woman thief

Chhaya Bhoyer, who mistook 1 cop in plain clothes as a common customer, Chhaya Bhoyar was arrested by the police when she went inside one jewelery shop for stealing the very valuable items. Chhaya Bhoyar had cheated a sales girl of the same shop several weeks back to steal a lot of valuables.

Police officials have also arrested her husband Rakesh and valuables worth about Rs 3.12 lakh have been seized from Rakesh. He stole a lot of valuables last month from another jewelery shop in the vicinity.

Lady thief become friend with Rakesh

Chhaya had also returned to the same shop again. The team of the Tehsil police station under the head constable, whose name is Laxman Shende, had already come to the same shop. Who had suddenly gone in front of him to collect the details of that woman thief.

“Seeing that lady thief once again coming to the same shop. The men and the saleswomen started making noise and then we immediately caught the lady thief.” shende said Who do this work under the supervision of assistant PI Sandeep Bagul and senior inspector Baban Yedge.

That lady thief had become friends with the Rakesh. Who used to work as a waiter in the same five star hotel. In which the shadow used to work. And then they got married and then they also left the job. The police have also said that out of need of money, the woman started stealing.

Thefts by women gangs operating in autorickshaws and inter-district bus stops in the city are now witnessing a spurt.

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