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For land taken for pillars pay Rs 219.5 crore: NMC to Metro

The property department of Nagpur Municipal Corporation has calculated the value of the land as per the ready reckoner rates.

Nagpur: NMC (Nagpur Municipal Corporation) from Maha Metro has demanded Rs 219.56 crore against the value of land for the construction of pillars of the Orange and Aqua corridor of Metro lines across the city.

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The property department of Nagpur Municipal Corporation has calculated the value of the land as per the ready reckoner rates. Maha Metro has constructed pillars on about 32,512.5 square meters of land, According to the survey conducted by the department.

Department senior official has said that the municipal body has divided the land into 4 corridors – West, South, North, and East. The official said that about 18,125 square meters were constructed on the East Corridor, 10,687.50 square meters on the West Corridor, 562.50 square meters on the North Corridor, and 3137.50 square meters on the pillars.

As per the land value calculations, Nagpur Municipal Corporation has demanded around Rs 130 crore for the East Corridor, Rs 5.2 crore for the North, Rs 19.7 crore for the South, and Rs 64.6 crore for the West.

Nagpur Municipal Corporation has also demanded around Rs 859,21,08,510 as the value of land to be used for the construction of buildings including stations at 9 different places.

Objection Raised Against Municipal Body

Metro officials declined to comment on whether the model code of conduct remains in force.

Referring to the tripartite agreement, a senior Nagpur Municipal Corporation official has said that the NIT and the Nagpur Municipal Corporation were also to contribute Rs 434 crore in the first phase of the Nagpur Metro project to the tune of Rs 8,680 crore.

The civic body had to pay about Rs 73 crore in cash only. While for the remaining Rs 361 crore, it provided the land for the project. Nagpur Municipal Corporation has generated cash with the help of transit oriented development on Metro corridors and has paid over Rs 55 crore to MahaMetro.

The official said that the civic body has already awarded land worth more than Rs 535 crore. This means that Nagpur Municipal Corporation has paid a higher amount to MahaMetro. And Metro does not agree with Nagpur Municipal Corporation about the cost of the land at all. Against the civic body for fixing the value of land as per ready reckoner rates raised objections.

He has also said that Mahametro had also objected to Nagpur Municipal Corporation’s demand of levying land value fees for the establishment of Metropole.

Discussed issue in the general body meeting of the Nagpur Municipal Corporation in the month of July this year and it was agreed to levy a fee for the value of the land used by the administration to erect the Metropoles.

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