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Forest Department Put people of MIHAN on high Alert for Tiger

Just when the residents of MIHAN and people around the companies based at the Special Economic Zone in Nagpur noticed the movement of the tiger in the area, they alerted the concerned department about the same. Hence the concerned department called MADC has beefed up the security in the area by adding up the continuous patrolling in the Mihan area. As per their fresh orders passed in the recent for the MIHAN residents, it said that the people working in MIHAN should take care of the presence of the tiger.

It said that the presence of a wild cat – a tiger or leopard was noticed in the area, hence people are warned against it and take the preventive measurements to avoid any untoward incident in the area. It has asked to use closed vehicles for obvious reasons rather than the open ones like bikes or mopeds. However, if you are traveling in two-wheelers, people should travel in a group to deal with any such fatal situation that could arise due to the attack of the wild cat.

The notice also said that if people come across the presence of the wild cat in the area, they are not supposed to click photos or videos as this can make the animal unnerved leading to the attacks. Similarly, on spotting the wild cat, the people are advised not to panic but deal with the situation with patience and presence of mind so that they can get away with ease and without hurting anyone. If you are yet to check the notice, have a look at it as under that has been made in public.

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