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Four Arrested By Pachopali Police With Mouser Guns And Bullets

Pachopali Police
Pachopali Police

Four criminals have been nabbed by the Pachopali Police. The criminals were trying to sell some weapons in a bar. The incident happened at the Sagar Bar near Dayanand Park on the night of Sunday.

On the same night, the police were given a tip regarding the selling of the weapons at the bar. The police acted swiftly on it. They made a well-planned team to execute the mission of nabbing the criminals. The police laid a well-planned trap for the criminals near the bar premises and nabbed the four accused.

The criminals have the USA made pistol; a country-made pistol along with two cartridges. Police also seized two live cartridges. Police also got three bikes and cash of about 2.69 lakh rupees. If there is any other item seized, it is kept confidential by the Police. In the report, only the above items have been mentioned.

The names of the accused given by the police were Nitesh Ramesh Raut aged 35, a resident of Plot No 92. Jaibhole Nagar, Sachin Baburao Meshram, aged 36, Pili Nadi. Komal Devidas Raut, 40 and Aniket alias Tinu Ravi Dhanokar, 24 both resident of Vaishali Nagar.

The accused have been arrested and booked under section 3, 25 of the Indian Arms Act with section 135 of Maharastra Police Act.

The process of nabbing was executed by Api along with constables Vijay Yadav, Dyaneshwar Jadhav, Mahesh Jadhav, Vinod Gaikwad, Balakrishna Rathod. The arrest of the accused was supervised under the guidance of DCP Zone 3, Rahul Makhanikar and Senior PI of Pachopali, Ashok Meshram.

The questionnaire is being done by the Police and further information will be shared soon. Till now, the purpose of the sale has not been disclosed. No statement has come forward from any officer since the day of the arrest, the Police promised the city is safe with their service.

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