Fraudster Team Arrested-Taking 10Lakhs For Government Jobs

A fraudster team in the Nagpur city has duped a number of young people of the city in the pretext of providing them government jobs of a teacher. The deal was to arrange a government job for the candidate after clearing some simple test with an amount of money worth 10-15lakhs from each candidate.

Bajaj Nagar Police has registered a case regarding the subject against the scout and guides organisation which was fooling people. Two accused have already been arrested. Vinod Baliram Gajbhiya, age 43, a resident of Ekta colony, Yashodhara Nagar and Nitesh Gaurishankar Vashnik, age 50, living in Indora, Pachopali.
These men are not the leader of the gang but it is lead by someone regarded as Sinha from Bihar. This is not the first case against this man but multiple cases have been registered against the man for the same crime in multiple cities of Bhopal, Mumbai and others. This is their prime business and the man might possess some other such business running in different cities.
The case was registered by a few of his students who felt something wrong about the organisation. The started questioning about their jobs and when they were not happy with the responses, they claimed to get their money back. The owners refused and they decided to bring the news to the police.
They were charging around 10-15 lakh rupees from each candidate and they had around 50 such candidates. This makes the scams in multiples of crores. Police are taking strict actions against it. All the people involved in the Nagpur city has been arrested and Bihar police have also been instructed to search the head of this team. Nagpur Police has adviced the citizens to stay away from such scams and report any such incidence with them or around them to the police. It is very important for the safety of the city, they added.

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