Gamers Alex Arteaga and Brandon Delgado Have Something Exciting For All The Gamers. Deets Inside!

Alex Arteaga and Brandon Delgado

The gaming industry has been popularized so much in the last couple of years that there has been a growing demand for games. Be it a computer, Xbox, PlayStation or any other gaming console, the demand for games has always been on an upward trend. ‘Most Wanted eSports’, a renowned gaming company by Alex Arteaga and Brandon Delgado is gaining momentum as the company is professionally associated with multiple games including ‘Call of Duty’ and ‘Rainbow 6 Siege’. Having followers more than 100,000 on Twitter, the company is gradually establishing its name as one of the fastest-growing gaming companies today.

Its main aim is to have the best gaming graphics which is what usually attracts a gamer before playing the game. “We always wanted to create a game which is loved by everyone. I am happy that people are liking our work and we are really glad to progress in this field. Our main mission is to make a game which is not just a graphical treat for all the gaming lovers, but also make something which bridges the gap between a game and the reality”, said Alex. Besides this, they also own another gaming company, ‘eRa Eternity’ which is a leading name in the gaming industry.

eRa has built its presence on social media with having more than 200,000 followers on Twitter and around 160,000 subscribers on YouTube. Their main aim is to bring reality one step closer to the virtual world of gaming and it has undoubtedly attracted a lot of gaming freaks. eRa, founded by Alex and Fuze has been in the market since 2012 but it started making the right noise when it collaborated with eSports. Working closely with one another, they have a lot of new games in the pipeline which will most probably be launched by the next year.

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