Gouttam Rajpurohit – Indian Entrepreneur

India has witnessed tremendous progress over the years.

India has witnessed tremendous progress over the years. The youth of the nation can be credited as one of the main factors. One such 20 years young boy named Gouttam Rajpurohit, Social Media Manager from Churu district of Rajasthan state has marked his presence in the nation. Most of the area of his district is tribal but his achievements have proved his worth more than those in metro cities. He did not limit his education to academic learning. He explored around him and was always curious about how things worked.
At the tender age of 17, he stepped into the world of entrepreneurship. He discontinued his college studies and launched his first start-up Digital Mortal in 2016. Gouttam Rajpurohit also managed social media platforms for the government and business industry.
He has been the Digital Marketing Manager of many political personalities. He has also been Marketing Representative of many celebrities including international artists many Politicians, artists, and Bollywood celebrities & singers. His tender shoulders have lifted really heavy responsibilities.
His dedicated hard work and never-ending thrive to succeed led him to be one of the few influencers who have accomplished so much in a short period of time. From borrowing 1,200/- from his parents for building an online platform of his first start-up to earning projects worth lacs, he has glowed up really well. With all his determination and consistent inputs he managed to be ‘one of the youngest social media managers of the country’.
His efforts are very well recognized and rewarded. He is highly in demand for his services. Gouttam’s journey is an inspiration for many and his life is a fantasy for the ones of his age. He has proved that every little input towards development leads to greater achievement.

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