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Greens no for night tours in Tadoba buffer

Although this night safari was started in Palsasgaon about 2 years ago. It was started in Khadsangi on the date of November 5.

Nagpur: The decision to start night safari from Navegaon gate to Khadsangi and night safari at Palsagaon in the buffer zone of Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve has been strongly criticized by teakmen, who demanded to stop any kind of night tourism around the reserve.

greens no

Although this night safari was started in Palsasgaon about 2 years ago. It was started in Khadsangi on the date of November 5. In the past several days, protests were organized by green activists of Chimur under the leadership of Kawdu Lohkare.

Kawdu has stated that after opening up the vast forest area for 1 day safari with the help of around 14 gates in the buffer zone, Why put night time tourism in jeopardy? And anyway, there is no reaction of any kind on this at all.

Kawdu has also said that patrolling during night time by this vehicle is pointless. Because anyone of any kind can see light from up to about 5 km. And can also hear the sound of these vehicles from the same distance. No hunter or wildlife criminal can be caught at all.

Park is charging money

Deputy Conservator (Buffer) G Guruprasad has also said that It’s basically not a night safari at all. Rather there are night time patrols on these roads of the forest along with the fields and villages. And along with this, there is a way of about 30 km to reach near us in Khadsangi. This patrol will also stop all the criminals of wildlife.

The founding president of Green Planet Society, whose name is Suresh Chopne, has said that Any form of night time tourism in any way is unacceptable. Forest officials should also put conservation first and not commercial profit. Neither the Statutory Local Advisory Committee (LAC) nor the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) has taken any permission. Apart from this, there is no mention of a night safari in any way in the Tiger Conservation Plan (TCP) of Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve. And this park is also charging money from the tourists and because of this, it is basically night tourism under the guise of night patrolling.

Honorary wildlife warden of Gadchiroli Uday Patel also says that this is a non-sustainability process and it also seems to be driven by resort lobbies where the maximum number of gates exactly matches the number of resorts. There should also be minimal exposure to wildlife and disturbance as per all guidelines.

Such experiments had been done earlier in Narnala (Melghat), Nagalwadi (Pench), and Gorewada but they have received very poor responses.

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