Group of Hooligans Create Ruckus in Jaripakta arrested

Come the season of Navtra we also see some bad people also getting wild on the streets of the city. This is not the case of Nagpur alone but young people from the bad company tend to behave in those ways. This makes the city police on toe keeping an eye on the group of hooligans who create loads of mess in the area. In such incidents, we witnessed a group of hooligans involved in vandalizing the areas in Jaripatka and creating the mess and ruckus last night when the police got a hold on them.

As per reports, they were seen pelting stones over the Mahalaxmi apartment and also seen thrashing a man who passes by. As per the complaint raised by a local resident called OShin Amar Godani of Jaripatka who resides near Janta Hospital at Plot no 167 he was returning while having juice late night when he saw a group of 7 to 8 young men and boys having sharp weapons and a wooden stick. They were seen damaging the vehicles parked close to them.

They even stopped Oshin the 25-year-old young man and then thrashed him with the wooden stick when he tried to flee from the spot. They were seen running before the said man and hurled stick over him that hit the young man. Based on his complaint, the police acted fast and reached at the spot to find out the group creating the mess in the area near Mahalaxmi apartment. They were booked under sections like 143, 147, 149, 324 and 427 of the Indian Penal Code.

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