Gufran Ansari becomes the youngest VLogger of the country, wooing everyone with his mind boggling content

Blogs are a form of self–presentation on the Internet and variations like video blogs (vlogs) have expanded with the support of sites like YouTube. With the advancement of video–hosting sites like YouTube as well as the expansion of broadband Internet, the distribution of video online is easier than ever, but it won’t be of any use if someone who can pick up and perform the necessary content that in to be put up.

Gufran Ansari Aka Guffu the Rider
Gufran Ansari Aka Guffu the Rider

Gufran Ansari one of the youngest vlogger has changed the phase of blogging and social media influencing. Vlogs do not require teams of editors; authors control content and timing of publication. Hence he is a one man show. Carrying the entire content on his shoulders and delivering what his followers require has made him one of the too vlogger of the country. Audiences engage with these sites by both reading and viewing them as well as commenting directly about content.

Ansari’s content are valuable because they tell us about ourselves as well as represent a new form of self–expression, rooted in our today’s communication environment. Changes in communication technology affect societies on multiple levels. Vloggers appear to be working out what the expectations are for a vlog.

He is an inspiration for all the youth of the country who would like to persuade their career in this field.