Gurinder Singh Brar: Shining under the spotlight after the launch of new album

Gurinder Singh Brar
Gurinder Singh Brar

Gurinder Singh Brar or GSB is a Canada-based artist who recently became the talk of the town right after launching his latest album- Kat Heartz. The 34-year-old artist (Born on March 11, 1988) works as a successful, widely acclaimed realtor in his hometown, Calgary.

Right since his childhood, Gurinder was inclined toward his sole passion- music. He continued to pursue and gain knowledge about the world of music even while working on his real estate career. This passion prompted him to follow his heart and release his music in June 2022.

The music was well received by audiences across the globe. Even though it was in a form of a mini album with just three songs in it i.e. First Sight Love, Relation, and Date, it instantly became a favorite for a lot of people.

Apart from these two careers, he also has expanded his sights into several other commercial businesses in Canada itself. Gurinder is also the founder of Global Real Estate Masterminds and is the current CEO of GSB LUXURY HOMES & ASSOCIATES. He has received several awards in his real estate career too.

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