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Har Ghar Dastak teams are ready to jab all

It is a surprise that the family members of both Azhar and Surjit have already been vaccinated against covid.

Nagpur: Surjit Singh (53) claims that his doctor has asked him not to take the coronavirus vaccine because of kidney problems. At the time when the Additional Chief Medical Officer, whose name is Dr. Narendra Bahirwar, has asked for the doctor’s number to verify the basis of medical advice. Then Surjit replies evasively. Due to which it becomes clear that they were trying to leave the jab on trivial grounds. Auto driver Azhar Ali (21) has said that he is afraid of vaccines because he believes it can kill him.

har ghar dastak

It is a surprise that the family members of both Azhar and Surjit have already been vaccinated against covid. This doesn’t stop Surjit from raising his voice over this asking the Nagpur municipal corporation team to leave. Nor does it bother him. The team has to mark the number of people vaccinated against covid at home and then proceed.

Regional Medical Officer Dr. Ateequr Raheman Khan, however, is able to allay Ali’s fear completely. And moments later Ali takes his first covid nap. After the government has started the campaign for the population of 18, they have delayed it by 5 months. Azhar has said that it is mandatory for him to know but he was told very bad things about the vaccination of covid. And he thanks the health team and Nagpur municipal corporation for helping him recover at home.

Refused to meet him

Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) has formed more than 500 teams under this ‘Har Ghar Dastak’ campaign of the government. Each team also includes 2 ASHA workers and 1 nurse. A daily target of about 200 persons has been set. Nagpur municipal corporation has started the campaign to complete the first covid dose of about 18 people from the date of November 15 till the date of November 30.

Every other family has presented a mixture of reluctance, apprehension, and obstinate individuals. The time when the team absolutely refused to meet him. On the persuasion of several senior officers, he agreed.

As soon as this team went to the nearby colony of Goa. Then 1 group of women and men who had accused ASHA workers knocked on the door asking if no one had been nabbed yet.

Dr. Khan and Dr. Bahirwar intervened to completely stop all residents from harassing the health teams. ASHA activist Chandrakala Bhalvi has said that many people do not allow them to mark their homes at all.

Nurse Bakuli Armarkar, and 2 other ASHA workers, Jayshri Gaikwad and Geeta Thulkar, have maintained that the locals were not aggressive at all on Tuesday. He has said that this 1 is not an easy task at all. The danger of attack in this work remains the same every time. And today the seniors are here due to which the local people are not giving many reactions at all.

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