Harsh Joshi – The Prominent Self Made Entrepreneur

Harsh Joshi
Harsh Joshi

Harsh Joshi Is a 24-years-old entrepreneur From Mumbai. He’s Director at Ernstaa Technologies and a profound leader in the IT sector, he has led two great companies along his way. Working with almost 50+ Clients, Harsh founded Ernstaa Technologies, to be able to reflect his passion for Digital Marketing through the Brand.

Harsh’s inspiration comes from “it’s never too late nor too early to pursue your dream of being a business owner. “ He owns a company named ERNSTAA TECHNOLOGIES and currently working in IT & Digital Media Industry, now it is known as one of the best IT & Digital media network companies.

Not all have the determination and focus achieving a goal requires, Harsh Joshi is one of the few. He has been creative and overall confident about his interests since childhood.

He is a young genius one might say. Over the past few years, Harsh has managed many big names in all industries, helping them maximize their digital presence. He always tries to inspires people by sharing his journey over social media platforms.

Harsh knows how to promote his own works and his client’s events via the internet. He knows IT & Digital Marketing inside out, and that’s the main reason for his success. Harsh is already a famous name and leading entrepreneur in India. He has worked with significant artists, Entrepreneurs, Influencer / Blogger & Companies hailing from all over the world. His experience of working with top most companies has helped him learn every bit of the digital world. His knowledge and his hard work have helped the rapid growth of his company ERNSTAA TECHNOLOGIES.

Harsh, Always follow the rules of hard work and patience he has leveraged his brand Ernstaa Technologies to a completely next level. Setting a benchmark for innumerable. The nation needs such meritorious and respectable entrepreneur who think fortunate for the future.

All this was clearly not achieved overnight, it took Harsh Joshi a lot of sacrifices including his age in which he had the choice to party it away or keep his head straight. Not an easy decision for anyone but Harsh made it happen and is continuing to overcome the hurdles in his professional and personal life while keeping them balanced.

He is still pursuing his passion as an entrepreneur and we wish him the best of luck for his millions dollar future.

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