Hasan Jaffri’s New Album is In The Works

Hasan Jaffri is a music producer, who is creating quite a buzz. He has worked with a lot of international as well as domestic artists, including Trap Manny, Killy, KSupreme. He always had an affinity to music and when the time came to choose a career path, he chose what he loves.

Luckily, his heart and mind made the correct decisions because he is all set on a track to make big waves.

Jaffri is heavily inspired by Richie Souf – the South Atlanta producer who has worked with the likes of Future, Young Thug and Gunna. Jaffri believes that Richie Souf is one of the finest producers of our time, and aspires to have his work ethic, and drive mirror Souf’s.

These days, one can always find Jaffri in the studio. He is busy working on his new album, which is set to release this summer.

We reached out to Jaffri to know more about his artistic process, and he told us, “What I’ve observed is that, as an artist or a producer, the best thing you can do to kickstart your career is to take chances. I prefer to push myself and explore new sounds. Of Course generic music is always pleasing to the masses, but it is not loved by anyone. I want my art to speak for itself and reflect my expressions. This authenticity gets people’s affections.”.

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