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Heavy Rains in the CIty Hampers Normal LIfe

Heavy Rain In Nagpur
Heavy Rain In Nagpur

The Thursday had witnessed heavy rains in the city post afternoon and it went till evening and even night as well. It was a short break from the rains since the past few days but yesterday the rain was heavy and lashed out the city hampering the usual life of the people. Even the neighboring city had witnessed the heavy rains hampering everything bad to worse. It continued for a few hours giving the issue of waterlogging in a couple of areas. 

The rain started around 3.30 pm and it continued till 5 pm.  The inaccessible roads owing to issues like water-logging, and choked drains also created problems. All thanks to the plastic garbage which has made most of the drain out of function thus creating a nuisance for the people. It certainly showcases the poor basic infrastructure that seemed to have added the problem in the city. Usually the civic body often clears the three rivers of the city. 

These include Pohra, Pili and Nag nadi before the monsoon hits. Now, with the NMC stranded with other work amid the lockdown, they were not able to accomplish this job. This has further created problems for the city. As per the Hitavada Cityline reports, the issues like water-logging and choked drains seemed to be bugging now a lot to the local residents of the city. NMC did not find enough time to fix these issues before the monsoon due to the COVID 19 pandemic issues. Stay tuned to know more about it and others only with us. 

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