Here’s how Balusingh Rajpurohit transformed from a Mathematics teacher to a digital marketing expert

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought “digital storm” in world.  Digital approach is now a significant part of life. It has now become the “new lifeblood for business and artists.” However, there is a man, who was among the first few, who foresaw the advent of digital importance, even before the world became aware of COVID-19. That man is Balusingh Rajpurohitl; Madhya Pradesh’s leading brand-builder through digital platform.

Balusingh Rajpurohit
Balusingh Rajpurohit

It requires multiple skills to be an expert. No skill is developed in a day, week or in months. Balusingh Rajpurohit, a Mathematics teacher has now turned into a digital media expert. With the arrival of the ever-changing social media, many things have taken a drastic change in recent times. Understanding the best of social media, the digital expert has imbibed great knowledge in technology and digital marketing. He hails from Siwana, Rajasthan and is a firm believer of “nothing is impossible”. Today Balusingh has got a company of his own with a highly experienced team.

The digital marketing expert holds a B.Sc. degree in Computer Science. While studying, he developed his interest in social media. However, he never thought to make a career into digital marketing after becoming a Mathematics teacher. Balusingh has till date managed social media pages of many brands and celebrities and has also provided technical support to renowned personalities. Another exceptional thing about him is his writing. Many people are in awe of his writing.

Moreover, the digital marketing expert says that social media has got endless scope. “If you see, social media is just evolving with time. It has got many innovations and novelty features. I believe every individual and brand will require social media presence to stay relevant in this competitive world”, he said. He further even stated that there are many other tools to promote a brand like Google AdSense. Not just this, Balusingh went on to say that one must be active on every social media platform to connect to the audience.

Apart from this, the digital entrepreneur strongly laid emphasis on the content one posts on social media. He said, “Content is the game-changer in today’s time. Relevant and relatable content is everything one must focus on. If the right content clicks with the right audience, then there’s no stopping for an influencer or an online brand.” By his expertise, Balusingh Rajpurohit has rightly opened doors for many online brands and influencers in today’s time.

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