Here’s How Social Media Star Littleglove aka Shivani Helps People During The Pandemic

Sometimes, to achieve the dream, one had to take risks in life. 2 and a half years ago, Shivani quit her job and followed her passion of becoming an influencer. It was a risky move, but she thrived in her internet career with hard work and determination. Today, many people know as as ‘Littleglove’ on the internet.

Littleglove_aka_Shivani loved performing on the stage from the age of 2. While growing up, too, she would take part in plays or dramas in her school and college life. Times kept changing, but her love to showcase her creativity remained the same. The influencer had a HRBP at a corporate company. But two and a half years ago, she decided to not work for anyone else and follow her passion.

Today, Shivani calls it one of the best decisions of her life. With her identity as Littleglove, the social media star entertains people with content-related comedy and drama and focuses on social issues too. She has an Instagram, Facebook and YouTube page with an enormous following of 500k, 300k and 1.2 million, respectively.

Due to the pandemic, many people lost their jobs and are struggling with basic need like food. So Shivani started the #Littlegloveseva initiative and helped many needy people by providing them food and grocery items. She shares, “Till now, I have helped people in Bihar, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Hyderabad. My team consists of her fans and young people who see her as an inspiration. So they all have joined hands with me to help as many people they can.”

About being known as the social media Influencer Littleglove, she shares, “I am glad that I decided to dedicate all my time to creating content. I love expressing myself through my work. People’s love and appreciation keep me motivated to keep doing better every time.”

Check out littleglove_aka_shivani’s Instagram page below:

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