Hindustani Bhau’s wife filed a complaint at the police station

Aswini Pathak who is the wife of Vikas Phatak (Hindustani Bhau) has filed a complaint at the Khar police station. The complaint filed to the police station because of the abusive and interrogated comments of unknown persons.
Many unknown peoples are targeting Hindustani Bhau since he is in the Bigg Boss season 13.

She also commented that “Many incorrect and fake messages and statements, videos are made against Hindustani Bhau. People are addressing themselves as family members, mentioning themselves as brothers, who is no one to him. Our family includes my mother-in-law, my son, my mother, father, Hindustani Bhau’s nephew Sandesh”.

This complaint is filed not to post any kind of photos and videos of Vikas Phatak because they can create controversial issues to them. She had a family and Vikas is not in the house.
Aswini Phatak also requested to the social media to the fake relatives asking them not to upload wrong videos and messages against Vikas Phatak which will create controversies.

Aswini Phatak filed this complaint to Khar Police station because peoples are doing very bad comments to Vikas Phatak (Hindustani Bhau).

This complaint is filed to the police station for the protection of there house members because these peoples can affect their house members.

Hindustani Bhau made a video to criticize those peoples who are making bad statements for our country. In the absence of Hindustani Bhau, anyone can attack his house and house members. This becomes the reason why she (Aswini Phatak) files a complaint to Khar Police station and has also applied for the protection of their house.

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