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Homeopath Bhoyar has assets worth Rs 4.6 crore, an increase of 189% in the last four years

According to his affidavit filed for the NMC elections held in the year 2017, Dr. Ravindra's assets have seen an increase of about 189% since the year 2017.

Nagpur: As compared to his main rival in MLC elections (local bodies), Dr. Ravindra Bhoyar of the Congress party has a net worth of around Rs.4.6 crores and in which fixed assets constitute the largest portion of that value.

bhoyar assets

According to his affidavit filed for the NMC elections held in the year 2017, Dr. Ravindra’s assets have seen an increase of about 189% since the year 2017. And Dr. Ravindra’s assets were up to Rs 1.59 crore. In the year 2012, the value of his property was around Rs 71.80 lakh.

Where BJP candidate Chandrashekhar Bawankule had described his profession as ‘farmer’, And at the same time, Dr. Ravindra also described his main source of income as a homeopath.

Along with this, according to the affidavit filed by Dr. Ravindra, his income in the last financial year was about Rs 5.14 lakh. And his wife is also a teacher in 1 private CBSE school and has filed returns only for income of less than Rs 3 lakhs.

The largest share of Dr. Ravindra’s wealth is in non-agricultural assets. And at the same time, as per Part-B of the nomination form, the value of Dr. Ravindra property is only up to Rs 4.15 crore, out of which the value of the inherited property is only up to Rs 1 crore.

Increase in annual income

According to the same form, his movable assets have been estimated to be around Rs 43.15 lakh. And Dr. Ravindra wife has only movable property, its value is more than just about 10 lakh rupees. Dr. Ravindra is also very famous in homeopath circles, Dr. Ravindra’s maternal uncle Dr. Vilas Dangre is also 1st very famous homeopathy doctor in the city.

Dr. Ravindra had completed DHMS from District Nagpur Homeopathic College in the year 1987 and his residence is in Nagpur city.

According to the affidavit, an increase in annual income has been observed since Dr. Ravindra income tax returns were filed. In the year 2017-18, Dr. Ravindra has filed ITR for about Rs 2.97 lakh, while in the year 2020-21 it has increased to Rs 5.14 lakh. And in the same affidavit also it has been said that Dr. Ravindra has about Rs 11,797 in cash, while his wife has around Rs 38,950.

He has only up to Rs 4.3 lakh in fixed deposits. Dr. Ravindra wife has around Rs 25,000. The value of the total investment by them in shares is up to Rs.70,000. Whereas Dr. Ravindra wife does not have any shares of any kind.

Along with this, the 56-year-old homeopath has also well mentioned the police cases registered against him in Gittikhadan and Sakkardara police stations of district Nagpur. And he has also signed a statement confirming that till the date of filing his nomination, he has not been convicted at all for any of the charges leveled against him.

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