How Josue Arteaga Went from Struggling Online Entrepreneur to Vice President of the Fastest Online Media Company

Josue Arteaga

Josue Arteaga, like most teenagers who enter the online space, had to learn every lesson of entrepreneurialism the hard way. Think back to a time in your life that you had just begun an essential endeavor in your life and every trial and tribulation you faced along the way. Based on my Interview with Josue Arteaga, we will be going over the key traits that have distinguished Josue as a successful entrepreneur.

Focus on Living a Healthy Life

Josue is no stranger to living a healthy and balanced lifestyle, with all mental challenges he faces throughout the workday, there are an equal amount of structured physical challenges. The physical challenges he faces every day come in the form of having an intense and grueling workout every single morning. Josue believes that consistently pushing his body to be better than it was the day before it directly translates into his business life and helps him push past mental plateaus in grueling work life. Diet is his second key to staying sharp at work and being able to possess the mental acuity to behind a computer all day and conquer the challenges of being the vice president of Disrupt and owning multiple meat markets.

Create a morning routine

“Win the morning, and you will win the day”; Josue Arteaga lives by this quote he read in one of his all-time favorite productivity books. The most impactful lesson he has picked up in his five years long entrepreneurship journey has been to create a morning routine that sets him up to win the day. The daily routine he follows is structured in a way to start the day with multiple wins and leaves him with momentum to tackle his work-intensive days. He begins by making his bed first thing in the morning, creating a task list that outlines his most important tasks for the day and then stepping into an ice-cold shower to trigger his fight or flight responses and send shock waves to wake his brain and fire at full speed. Since implementing his routine and following it religiously, he has been able to take full advantage of his productivity and use that to get to where he is today.

Truly Desire Success

The final thing and possibly the most crucial thing out of my interview with Jose is his belief in the power of desire. According to Josue, one key thing he has noticed amongst the most successful and impactful people in history is the desire they had for their mission. One great example that has influenced him for the past few years is the Barned and Edison story, Barnes desired to be an associate of Thomas Edison, and by making sure there was nothing else but that initiative in his life, he succeeded. Josue drew so much positive impact from that story that he applied similar principles into his work life and by truly desiring and becoming obsessed with his missions, he has knocked every one out of the park.

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