How NotchWeb grew from a digital agency to an integrated agency.

Nikhil Darji, founder and CEO, NotchWeb was a teenager when he comprehended the worth of digital marketing. He launched the start-up, NotchWeb, as a niche agency in social media marketing. It failed to satisfy Darji, as he envisioned a modern approach where they can offer 360 degree solutions to brands.

“We were on a mission to change customer’s view of digital marketing”, he recalls.

Nikhil Darji & Notchweb
Nikhil Darji & Notchweb

Looking at the direction in which digital industry is heading, he deduced that brands seek integrated solutions rather than the traditional approach of specialized agencies for each service. Vision became reality, he launched NotchWeb with an integrated approach. Besides social media marketing, they empower customers with content marketing, SEO optimization services, web development and design, app development and PPC advertising. “NotchWeb is a values-driven digital marketing agency dedicated to empowering our customers”, Darji said.

Nikhil Darji self-educated himself, several obstacles did come his way but the visionary faced everything recklessly. Over the past few years, Notchweb has become a full-service enterprise in every possible way. It has worked with fortune 100s and helped brand-new start-ups. The dedicated team of NotchWeb help businesses in driving web traffic by building brand awareness and social media campaigns. They help in targeting potential customers.

Darji believes in “People First” policy which makes his company different from its competitive agencies. NotchWeb provides customized strategies in line with the customer’s need. ‘We believe culture will build a thriving company’, he added. They develop targeted strategy and provide what’s right for the brand. They charge one-time fee for all the activities. The package of services will be customized as to what the need, goal and objective of the client.

Nikhil Darji, an ambitious visionary, is heading towards making his company, NotchWeb, one of the best company in Asia-pacific region.

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