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Howdy Nature – Nagpur’s first Initiative Against Growing Pollution in City

Just when the NEERI released the growing pollution in Nagpur, we now see the people of the city gearing up against the menace and doing something. Howdy Nature is one of the initiatives of the concerned citizens of Nagpur to create awareness against the growing pollution in the city. A group of NGOs and concerned people today were seen coming to the areas like BharatVan, Amravati Road, Bharat Nagar, and Ravi Nagar morning at 7 am.

The lie-down on road for nature was the event organized today in the city against the growing pollution in Nagpur. The upcoming thermal power plants along with the growing concrete roads and the lakes and water bodies going in a bad shape have been the concern for the citizens of Nagpur that led this initiative called Howdy Nature. Even though Nagpur has remained the cleanest and greenest city in our country is, unfortunately, facing the menace of growing pollution.

The initiative Howdy Nature deals with peacefully protecting the nature but at the same time offers a tangible platform for every citizen to come out and share ideas to the town planners and builders to conserve nature and thus remain the part of sustainable development instead of damaging the fragile ecosystem of the area. Talking about the same, President Swachha Nagpur – Mr. Anasuya Kale said that being a nature-loving is not at all anti-development, rather it is concerned about the development thing. Stay tuned to know more about the Nagpur city and others only with us.

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