If thrillers are your thing, here are the top Indian thriller authors with bestselling books!

Indian thriller authors
Indian thriller authors

Thrillers are one of the most popular genres among readers. With fascinating plots and spectacular twists, the readers are hooked to the story for the captivating and mind-blowing aspects of it which keeps making the story more interesting, making it one of the most preferred genres in the world of books. If you are an admirer of thriller books, here is the list of top Indian thriller authors with bestselling books!

1. Chetan Bhagat
One of the most renowned writers of all time, Chetan Bhagat is widely known for his excellent storylines and catchy writing style. Some of his best thriller books are 400 days, One Arranged Murder, The Girl In Room 105, and many more.

2. Ashwin Sanghi
A brilliant Indian author widely acclaimed for his thrilling novels likeChanakya’s Chant, The Rozabal line and The Krishna Key. His thriller book, Private India for Patterson’s series which he co-wrote with James Patterson is quite popular and another book named The Sialkot Saga is loved by many people.

3. Ravi Subramanian
A banker who is passionate about writing, Ravi Subramanian is a renowned author. He is known for his thriller books about banking and bankers. His most popular thriller books are The Incredible Banker, The Bankster, Bankrupt, and many more.

4. Novoneel Chakroborty
An author and scriptwriter by profession, Novoneel Chakroborty is a very popular writer with many books which are famous among the readers. Some of his famous thrillers are Forever is a lie, Forever is true, Whisper to me your lies, Black suits you, and many more.

5. Fawaz Jaleel
A former government consultant turned author, Fawaz Jaleel shot to fame with his bestselling political thriller, Nobody Likes An Outsider which is one of the biggest hits of the year. A veteran short story writer whose book and short stories are now being adapted into a thriller series & films.

6. Anuja Chauhan
A famous Indian author and scriptwriter, Anuja Chauhan is very popular for The Zoya Factor, Those Pricey Thakur Girls, Baaz, Club you to death, and many more.

7. Nidhi Upadhyay
Nidhi Upadhyay is a splendid author known for her thrillers. The novel was loved by many people. Her debut novel, “That Day” was a perfect start for her career. She has had a very promising fanbase since then.

8. Anita Nair
An Indian English novelist, Anita Nair is best known for her books, Mistress, The better man, Lessons in Forgetting, and many more. Some of her popular thrillers are Cut like wound, Chain of custody, Ladies Coupé, and many more.

9. Vish Dhamija
One of the most popular thriller writers out of 10 wonderful personas excelling in thriller genre, Vish Dhamija is a very popular Crime-Fiction writer. Some of his most famous works are Prisoner’s Dilemma, Doosra: The other one, and many more.

10. Salil Desai
Salil Desai started his journey back in May 2011 with his debut novel, The body in the back seat, which was acclaimed for being the best murder mystery by an Indian author. His other works are The Sane Psychopath and The Lost Libido and another gulp.

Now, here is a short guide you might need when you start exploring Indian thriller novels and authors. Dive into the world of spine-chilling murder mysteries and fascinating twisted plots and storylines.

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