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IMD Predicts Monsoon in Nagpur by 17th June

Heavy Rain In Nagpur
Heavy Rain In Nagpur

The pre-monsoon rains did give the city a good respite to the people in Nagpur. But if you check with the Indian Meteorological Department commonly known as IMD, the monsoon is expected in the third week of June. This is a good news for farmers who have been expecting an early monsoon for obvious reasons. However, the rainy season is delayed by two days as they were expecting the same by 12 to 14th June. IMD on the other side has predicted the rainy season in Vidarbha to be on 12 to 14th June. 

As per the Hitavada news, the meteorologists have predicted that the monsoon in the region is expected to get in the second week of June. However, the changing pattern of the Monsoon season in the last few years the changing pattern in the weather has changed the monsoon in a big way. The IMD on Monday seemed to have come out with the forecast for the season on the basis of six different parameter Statistical Ensemble Forecasting System (SEFS), and the operational Monsoon Mission Climate Forecast System or the (MMCFS).

As per reports, the IMD has predicted a normal kind of rainfall this year in the country. Thus one would get the rainfall not more than 96 per cent in the city along with other areas as well. Similarly the rainfall which is expected to go by 90 percent is expected to be deficient. The pre-monsoon activities on the other side have started in Nagpur from Sunday and thus the same would continue with minimal rains in the first and the second week of June claimed the reports of IMD.

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