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In 67-year-old woman bluetooth-enabled pacemaker implanted

Women will now get real-time updates about their heart status on their mobile phones in a personalized application.

Nagpur: A 67-year-old patient woman from district Amravati with a very weak heart has got Central India’s first Bluetooth-enabled pacemaker, Which was called Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy Defibrillator (CRT-D) in the city last week.


Women will now get real-time updates about their heart status on their mobile phones in a personalized application. And his doctors will also be alert about all kinds of changes in the condition of his own heart. The real-time information will also be documented on the digital platform by the makers of the device.

The first to install this modern equipment is Kingsway Hospital, which is still popular abroad as well as many major hospitals in India. Cardiologist Dr. Shailendra Ganjewar and his own team from Kingsway along with an expert in electrophysiology from Mumbai and Dr. Ashish Nabar, an interventional cardiologist, performed this operation. The technology of Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy Defibrillator allows remote monitoring of the patient, As a result of which the survival rate is high all over the world.

Dr. Shailendra Ganjewar has told that this device is a boon especially for the district Nagpur, Which has become the health center of Central India. He has also said that in Nagpur we cater to patients of around 600-800km circle spread over 4 states. And even after having this advanced equipment, there is absolutely no need for patients to come to Nagpur and go to the hospital because doctors will get real-time reports of their own heart functioning.

Bluetooth-enabled pacemaker was fitted

Dr. Shailendra has said that after this surgery, we have locally installed another version of such a device in a 52-year-old man from Bhandara. And our team is now able to perform this type of surgery in district Nagpur which is a wonderful addition to the health scenario of the city.

As per the available documents, India’s first Bluetooth-enabled pacemaker was installed in the month of September last year. The technology has reached Nagpur and within about 15 months, patients are also getting a lot of benefits.

Cardiologist Dr. Amey Bidkar has said that patients from the Vidarbha region have to travel to Chennai, Mumbai, or Hyderabad for advanced treatment. But the last 10 years have changed the scenario. Doctors are doing some complex surgeries in Nagpur itself.

Doctors at Kingsway Hospital have also confirmed that both patients who have been fitted with Bluetooth pacemakers are doing well.

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