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Inflated Electricity Bills to Reach MSEDCL Consumers Homes Soon

Despite all the hue and cry made on the news that Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Ltd or MSEDCL will be sending piled up bills for the past three months, the electricity company is hell bent on sending the same to the consumers. As per the latest reports, the officials despite having meetings with people and explaining the reason for sending out the inflated bills are back to business. They are now going to send the inflated bill in the coming month. 

The last time the man took reading from your home was in March and since then no reading has been sent to the company as there was a complete lockdown. However, the company then sent out the average bill as per the earlier usage of the electricity at home. However, as the lockdown was lifted partially and people in the company started working, the people collecting the readings from the meters have recorded the exact readings, which seemed to have created the problem of getting inflated bills. 

The consumers on the other side have talked to the officials of the company and have tried to negotiate on the same. They are now getting messages how the company has recorded the bill and would be sending out on a good note by creating a WhatsApp group to spread awareness. But people seem to be not happy with this decision. Stay tuned to know more about it and others only with us.

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