Interview with Internet sensation – Arjun Verma, renowned as India’s youngest celebrity makeup artist,

Talent to impress everyone is a very rare, but some hold this very talent firmly, and Arjun is one of them. Arjun Verma is renowned as “India’s youngest celebrity makeup artist”. Arjun is very famous among the Bollywood and as well as Punjabi film industry. His extraordinary working and extremely creative workstyle along with extreme passion to his work has created his name in this arena and helped him grab this unique title.

His work is based from Chandigarh and is constantly on a rise. He has continuously worked to bring smiles on the faces of big stars and celebrities along with the local public.Earning a name and becoming a brand personality at a very young age is itself a very great achievement for a person. This although doesn’t bothers Arjun and he keeps giving his best at his work with full contemplation on how he can enhance the creativeness of his style. He is the is the co-founder of “Abhishek Makeovers”. He has been practicing and simultaneously excelling in the make up field. He is a veryenthusiastic personality but at the same time, down to earth.

Arjun, nice to have you. You’ve been quite busy lately;everyone would love to know your views towards your job.

Thanks for having me. Working as a makeup artist is really awesome. Every day is a new lesson. A common person thinks makeup is a piece of cake and anyone can do it, but the reality is far away from this notion. It is a complete art, and every step is a challenge to test your knowledge and aptitude.

You are young and has been doing this job from many years. How do you feel about it?

Starting something at a very young age is a boon for a person, there is a lot of scope for learning and creativity along with a fresh mind to grasp the required skills at right time.

You are tagged as India’s Youngest CelebrityMakeup Artists”, does that incites you?

Yes absolutely, it is a very special feeling to get recognised by people and to have a group of followers, following your work. It really encourages me to give more than I have to my work and strive hard to get smile and amazement on their faces.

What is it like to work, day and night, with celebrities around?

One must know that celebrities are people, just like us. They are all very friendly, be it any film industry (Punjabi or Bollywood). They are all very talented guys.

Tell us more about your professional chores and experiences?

So, as you already know, that I have worked in Punjabi and Hindi film industry and has experienced a good taste of working with stars. I worked with many bollywood celebrities and stars, alsoI made a celebrity appearance on fashion shows and events. I have also worked with Rahul Lakhanpal and Aditi Budhathoki for viral song Ruseya Lagda Aen.

How has your childhood contributed to the success you’ve achieved today?

I was born on 06 October 1998 and brought up in Dharamshala, a small town in Himachal Pradesh and was very passionate about this from very young age. To start from very basic level, I came to Chandigarh, due to lack of opportunities at hometown. I was only 17 at that time. Slowly and gradually, people started recognising me and my work due to the passion I had.

What  would you like to say to the young minds out there struggling out there to make a career in this field?

Never lose hope and keep on striving hard. Passion towards the work and job is most important of all. Never lose that spark in you.

Arjun has been active on his Instagram handle @officialarjunverma, sharing is daily experiences and innovative ideas with his friends and followers. His young heart and creative mind have ameliorated the struggles and build his reputation in society, proving  that nothing is unachievable. We all wish that he achieves a lot more in no time.

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