It’s not easy to judge a reality show, you have the responsibility of picking the right talent – Aadiz Imran

Aadiz Imran
Aadiz Imran

Aadiz Imran, a well-known playback singer and film director of Bollywood, shared with us the journey of becoming a judge in the TV reality show Swag of India, saying that judging talent is not an easy task, it is your responsibility to choose the right talent. It’s quite a difficult job. Till the time the winner of this reality show was not selected, I was in a lot of tension and I have decided not to judge any reality show in the future.

Let me tell you that Aadiz Imran is a self-made star who is working continuously with big production houses in Bollywood on the basis of his hard work. Aadiz Imran says that his first choice will always be music which he is also working on but after the success of the real story of Kabir he is getting the job of directing big banner films due to which he Has gone away from music.

Aadiz Imran said that he will soon start work on his next music album which will be based on his life’s journey to move out of a small town to take his place in Bollywood by dreaming of talent from top cities Wish to get Being successful in Bollywood is not a big deal but to be successful you have to work hard day and night. Bollywood rapper fam boy Sameer and actor Kabir khan will be seen in this album.

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