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Janta Curfew Successful in Nagpur, complete Lockdown Witnessed

Ever since the PM called for a Lockdown on Sunday 22nd March calling it a Janta Curfew, the city seemed to witness the complete lockdown in the city. There was barely anyone seen on the roads or the closeby streets in the city. All thanks to the COVID 19 outbreak that gave the people of the city a good break from the outside world making it 100 percent success in Nagpur city.

Many of the local residents reported saying that although the Janta Curfew was a successful event when compared to the 144 Section laid down in the city, people still got the eerie kind of feeling outside. The curfew, however, got a break at 5 pm in the day time when the citizens came out with their utensils in their hand and started beating drums and steel plates on their hand along with clapping the same way as seen around to break the eerie kind of atmosphere.

As per the city commission Mr. BK Upadhayay, the state deployment would remain the city for not less than a week as it has been extended to 31st March to avoid the spread of the virus in the city. Meanwhile, two ladies in the Jafar Nagar area ring road were arrested by the police as they were roaming on the street. When the Police asked them as to why they were roaming they claimed that they were asked to remain home after getting positive for the virus. The pun cracked by the young ladies led them to the arrest of the same.

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