Javad Shirazi’s Anger The Famous Face Of Cyberspace From The Singer Amir Arsalan Alebouyeh Known As Arsalan Arman

Javad Shirazi Born (July 26, 1998) One of the prominent figures of cyberspace was born in the city of Mashhad and has now caused the growth and development of many companies and has helped many businesses. He recently expressed his displeasure with Arsalan Arman’s old friend, whose real name is Amir Arsalan Alebouyeh.

He is one of the old friends of Arsalan Arman, a popular and well-known singer in the country, who has recently accepted the position of program director of this singer. And now he is requesting the termination of his contract. Javad Shirazi has had a special interest in cyberspace and marketing since childhood and has grown more than 350 reputable companies. He has special and professional techniques in the field of cyberspace and for this reason he is very popular and now he has more than thousands of followers from all over the country on his Instagram (javadshiraziofficial).

Javad continued: “After months of cooperation with Amir Arsalan AleBouyeh, it is very sad because Amir does his job with Javad without coordination and planning.” He further said: Arsalan Arman will soon have big concerts in different countries and now he has to cancel his contract after holding concerts.

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