Jeevika Sharma confesses about her “Epicurean Desires”

Hear the the hustles and hurdles that came in Jeevika Sharma's everyday's life.

Jeevika Sharma
Jeevika Sharma

Jeevika is from New Delhi,India and was born on 20/12/1990. Jeevika has done her MASTER IN DEVELOPMENT STUDIES from Amity University,Noida.

Her day starts by getting appreciation from her followers for her content and dealing with the brands that negotiate hard on getting the best deal possible from her. At this age instead of giving time to her loved ones she is totally into her social media life Epicurean Confessions and she is so busy investing time and effort in her own skills and in conducting detailed research so that she can put her heart and soul into each post that goes up on her feed.

She took fashion and Make up pretty seriously about 3-4 years ago, When her close friends at amity university who were literally jealous of her natural beauty and her close relations started teasing her by trying to look classic by applying Red color lipsticks or using different hair colours.

Though Jeevika Sharma was fully aware that it would be a big challenge to get into the influencer world and make it her career to just show to the world that she is better than them.
NOW, she is collaborating with the top photographers as well as the best brands to create a name for herself. Special thanks to her very close friend eatsindia who has been by her side 24/7 since the last 8 years keeping her away from the negativity of fake friends.

Luckily everything started falling into place for her. Jeevika was able to fulfil her dream of becoming one of the most influential names in the fashion and lifestyle industry. Her looks and ability to leave emotions behind has made her into what she is today.

Jeevika says, That before quoting any amount to the brands one must always internally believe that they are professionals and only say yes to the brands for collaborations if they think they would be able to meet their specific demands.

The name Epicurean Confessions portrays class and a certain social image. The things she posts can be used by females across age groups. The products are easily available and are affordable. They can be worn and used in everyday life, irrespective of whether a person is travelling in public transport or a car.

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