Kaniz Rabbi’s Program ‘Connect in Crisis’ Narrates The Story of Women And Mom’s leading a positive And productive life during this Pandemic

Kaniz Rabbi
Kaniz Rabbi

With every passing day, the Pandemic seems to be teaching us a new lesson. The lockdown has come out with a great teacher. It has hampered the lives of people in many ways.

Kaniz Rabbi with her Instagram LIVE session #Connect in Crisis was able to narrate the stories of many women leading a positive & productive life during the tough times of Lockdown. She spoke to women from different professions and walks of life to explore their lives and capture stories of their lockdown routine.

Kaniz with her LIVE session spoke to psychologists, health and fitness experts, yoga & wellness experts, life coaches, celebrity makeup specialists, women entrepreneurs, bakers, models, actresses, Bollywood singers, homemakers, and even cancer survivors. Her whole idea was to promote the inspiration that keeps them active in this tough time. And as expected, the sessions recorded with various ladies worked for many in the form of women empowerment. Her followers & friends applauded the efforts of Kaniz who is a blogger by heart and a fitness freak. This is not the end, as she will keep her efforts moving ahead in the coming times. She will keep on using various online platforms to voice women related topics & thereby motivating fellow women to get inspired by each other’s achievements.

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