Kianoush Nikkhah Kouchaksaraei the known Digital Marketing Influencer shares his secret of becoming Rich & Influential




As the world enters into the digital era, people of all age groups are lured to the world of social media. Well, they have all the reasons to do so as they are gaining everything they want. It has made many popular over the web and helped countless people to earn handsome money and others also a million. One of these people huge bucks include the man called Kianoush Nikkhah Kouchaksaraei. He is an able digital marketing influencer and an online expert.

Born and brought up in Qaemshahr and Tehran, Iran respectively, he did his engineering specializing in computer and IT engineering. But soon he headed to Turkey to start a career in a different field. He tried his luck in domains like import and export business and he was successful in it. He earned a big name getting a good presence Eastern Europe and Asia. He also did a good investment in the field of Real Estate that made him big. While talking about getting rich he said he always wanted to make huge money in short time and Turkey gave him that opportunity with his ventures he tried in this country.

He said he kept himself available for different avenues in the market that gave him many opportunities to earn and make money. His investment in real estate at the right time gave him high returns. He said he focused more on minting money rather than only on marketing.

He said it was the right decision taken at the right time that helped him turn big. Besides, he also finds time from his mainstream businesses and devoted time in freelance digital marketing services for many companies in Turkey. This has helped him become an influencer in the media, all thanks to his excellent marketing drives which he has carried out in his life for not less than 100 clients in his country. In a nutshell, Kianoush Nikkhah Kouchaksarae is an ace digital marketer and he has time and again proved the same.

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