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Maharashtra: ‘Impotence’ rumor keeps some people off vaccinations

There is a rumor among many students that taking covid vaccination can make a person impotent.

Nagpur: With the help of a very special campaign, the state government recently launched covid vaccination has been pushed further, But now it seems that many people are still too hesitant to catch it. Academics pointed out that unfounded rumors through peer-level gossip and social media have led to many youths turning down the covid vaccine.

covid vaccine hesitation

A senior lecturer of a city college has also said that “There is a rumor among many students that taking covid vaccination can make a person impotent. But there is no truth in this, about 5% of the students get influenced by all these rumors and then the wait and watch policy is adopted by all the youth.”

The student of the last semester of engineering has said that “No truth is shown by the media in the country, but the fact is that there are many people all over the world who are very much opposed to covid vaccination. Even in a country like America, where the level of education is very high, and there are many groups that are very much opposed to covid vaccination. emergency approval has been fully received on covid vaccines. This means they were in too much of a hurry and likewise we may never know the long term side effects at all.”

Covid Vaccine Hesitation

The student categorically denied that he was particularly concerned about impotence. The student has also said that he has absolutely no idea what the side effects will be. Could be cancer or the one you just asked about. Only in 3 to 4 years we can get to know its truth very well. I am not opposing covid vaccine at all, I am exercising my right not to take covid vaccine well.

covid vaccination is not mandatory at all. It may become a precondition for having traveled, entering designated areas or classrooms and buildings. But there is no clear order of any kind to take the vaccine for all the citizens.

Infectious disease specialist Dr Nitin Shinde has said that “Covid vaccine hesitation is very high in america country And this is because there is also a high degree of freedom for the individuals and therefore they want to take their own decision in return and do not want to let the government of the country take any decision for them. In a country like America, a large number of cases of Covid-19 are still coming out because the roll out of the Covid-19 vaccine is not proper.”

He has also said that these rumors of impotence are always linked to the roll out of covid vaccination. Infectious disease expert Dr Nitin Shinde has also said that “Rumor mongers have been associating impotence with every new covid vaccine or treatment for decades. But there is no medical evidence of any kind at all, which can tell that it becomes the reason for any impotence.”

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