Makeup is the celebration of personal individuality rather than to deceive people, says Celebrity Makeup Artist Reveka Setia

There’s a reason why the “natural” style is so popular among all beauty influencers. While there are lots of Instagram trends, such as glass skin and yoga skin, the latest no-makeup beauty method is all about embracing, or at least faking, going natural.

It’s time to say goodbye to cakey formulations that try to disguise, conceal, and cover, and hello to ‘enhancing makeup,’ a more natural, toned-down approach to beauty. It’s the empowering beauty trend that encourages you to love your own skin. Using cosmetics for enhancement entails identifying the muse’s greatest traits and then enhancing them to make them light brightly.

Reveka Setia
Reveka Setia

As we browse the many online beauty content platforms, we run across Ms Reveka Setia, a professional makeup artist who was born and raised in Chandigarh and has over 10 years of expertise. She’s transformed herself into an enviable mentor. She established the Makeup Studios and Academy in order to share her expertise, talents, and thoughts with all of these talented young people.

Reveka assists us in comprehending. “Weightless, blendablecosmetics are used in enhancement makeup to compliment your complexion and improve your skin tone. The first step is to decide the elements of your face you want to emphasise, such as your cheekbones, brows, or jawline. Once you’ve figured it out, all you have to do now is highlight your preferred choices.”

According to studies, there are two main reasons why women use makeup:

Deception – Women who are worried or insecure sometimes use cosmetics to hide their feelings.

Persuasion – Women who wish to appear more confident, gregarious, and aggressive apply cosmetics to make themselves appear more desirable.

Women’s lips and flesh around the eyes are usually darker. As a result, our minds interpret this as a sign of attractiveness. The greater the contrast in hue between a woman’s eyes, lips, and skin tone, the more feminine,and hence more attractive,she is seen to be. Since they emphasise certain traits, lipstick and eye shadow are beauty classics.

Further adding she tells us all,Most importantly, this new trend pushes us to appreciate what we currently have, and we’re LOVING it. Enhancement makeup, unlike its close sibling ‘no-makeup-makeup,’ encourages self-love by merely ‘improving’ our natural characteristics.

Ignore about achieving the perfect brow shape or a sophisticated contour. These new formulations are apparent enough to make a difference, but they’re also sheer and subtle enough to make you appear like a refined version of oneself.

Her employment as a beautician helps her to be imaginative, energetic, and positive. As Ms Setia described to us, the brush is an important aspect of how makeup artists create flawless ethereal radiance, bombshell brows, and top-tier volumizing mascara. While the cosmetics that an artist employs and the skills that they gain account for around 90% of where and how the look comes out, the instruments that they use account for the remaining 10%.

Ms. Reveka’s charisma and charm have greatly inspired us; to learn more about her and see her motion again, visit the link

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