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Man booked for biting two 3-month-old puppies

Along with this, in another case, Wathoda police had registered a crime against motorist Pradeep Landge on Friday , and his car was also confiscated

Nagpur: Earlier this week, two separate cases have been registered in different police stations against motorists who crushed dogs on the road. The same action also includes an offense against 1 person who had completely neutered 2 puppies in Krishna Nagari, Narsala on the date of 24 November.

man booked

Along with this, in another case, Wathoda police had registered a crime against motorist Pradeep Landge on Friday, and then his car was also confiscated. Who has still been taken into custody in the police station. When his speeding car completely crushed the leg of 1 dog at Vaishnodevi Nagar Chowk.

In the first case, Vijay Jadhav had allegedly driven his car recklessly. Due to which 2 three-month-old puppies have died in Narsala. And the police was also initially shying away from registering this case. And these dead puppies were buried by the residents as the police did not come forward at all to do the Panchnama or the postmortem.

Summoned the accused

Animal activists Swapnil Bodhane, Rajesh Doshi, and Ankit Khalode retrieved these dead puppies and then ensured the postmortem. He had put too much pressure on the police to register the FIR and then threatened to protest at Vidhan Chowk as well. Planning was also being made to meet activist police chief Amitesh Kumar after the FIR was registered on this. Swapnil said the police, especially a senior officer, were saying that the death of these puppies was a matter of the NMC and not that of the police. Who played a very important role in registering the crime on this.

Hudkeshwar’s police registered a case against Jadhav after much deliberation and preliminary inquiry. Senior Inspector Sarthak Nehete of Hudkeshwar’s police station has said that he has summoned this accused and has also recorded his statement.

In another case registered at Wathoda police station, the workers have also sent the dog for treatment.

In both these cases, the police have invoked Section 279 of the Indian Penal Code and the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 for speeding the vehicle.

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