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Monsoon Flower Show Rocked in Nagpur

The Nagpur Club Garden
The Nagpur Club Garden

Nagpur city and its government have always kept their citizens engaged in one or the other events. The number of events hosted in the city is innumerable and all kind of interests and genres are brought in the city. within the fun of the events, the government also takes care of the social issues. Awareness regarding nature is also being spread in the city by the government.

This time, Nagpur Garden Club has taken the responsibility of exposing the city with a wide number of flowers and their species. They have hosted this massive event for the city and everyone who loves or have any interest in flowers and their different species. the event is regarded as “Moansoon Flower Show”.

Monsoon Flower Show held on Sunday at Wankhede Hall. The show was held in memory of Kusumtai Wankhede. the aspirants who visited the show were delighted to see a large number of flowers with a variety of colours and their essence.

The crowd of the city was energetic for the show and the flower that got the highest attention was of course roses with different colours and variety of smell. Students and youth were the most engaging section of the crowd and most of them expect more event like that in the city. Everyone seems aware and cautious about the current situation of the environment and nature. Along with roses and other major flowers, a variety of seasonal flowers were also presented for the audience.

Along with Monsoon Flower Show, Indoor and House Plant Show were also organised and run simultaneously. The crowd showed equal interest in both the shows.  These events were jointly organised by Nagpur Garden Club and ‘The Hitavada’ newspaper. The was an event for just one day where people can come and see a wide variety of species of different flowers and gain some knowledge about them.

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