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Mathurawasi Chat center, Gurudev Nagar Sq, Nandwan Nagpur Worker Caught on Camera Collecting street water

We love the street food and Paani Puri and other similar dishes we eat on the streets remain our favorite food particularly young girls and women. However, we tend to neglect the fact of the way the food is prepared and served the patrons. Nagpur has several such streets where we find the people within the city can enjoy these street foods. They remain tasty and thus consumed the most by the Nagpurians. However, when it comes to quality checks and quality assurances, there always remains a big question mark.

Many of the Chat centers do not even care to maintain the basic hygiene at their chaat centers. They will not have any gloves to serve the people. However, one starking revelation came in a form of a video where a fellow citizen has caught a worker from a chaat center called Mathurawasi Chat center, based at Gurudev Nagar Sq, in Nandwan Nagpur collecting water from the streets that were collected on the roadside. Although it was not confirmed if he was using the same in the water served in Paani Puri to his customers but this is very sure he is using this water for some other reason.

However, even if he is using this water to wash the dishes or some other purposes still that remains bad for our health as we would be eating the plates washed in dirty water collected from the roadside area. A fellow citizen has shared the video on Facebook, which seems going viral on social media sites. So, the next time when you plan to eat Paani Puri, you need to be very much sure if the chaat center is maintaining the hygiene level or not. If you are not sure about the same, avoid eating and putting your health on stake.

Watch Video: Video courtesy Pranay shende

Thank you Pranay shende for sharing this with us.Mathurawasi Chat center, Gurudev Nagar Sq, Nandwan Nagpur Worker Caught on Camera Collecting street water

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