Meera Panihari: A unique initiative by Suresh Shrimali for access to water

Social activist and astrologer Suresh Shrimali has arranged a community drinking water center named “Meera Panihari” at public places in Rajasthan. Many people can be seen traveling from one place to another for summer daily household and, business chores to quench their thirst for water.

Meera Panihari
Meera Panihari

Considering this, Suresh Shrimali and his wife Smt. Chakshu Shrimali has built these community centers in memory of their mother Mrs. Vimala Shrimali. The aim is to let people get quality drinking water free of cost water and do their work with no struggle.

In addition to this, Gurudev Suresh Shrimali has adopted the road from High Court Colony to UIT Circle in the memory of his late father. The authorities have named the aforesaid road ‘Pt. Radhakrishan Shrimali Marg’ in the memory of his father.

Suresh Shrimali has also requested other social sector players to make similar arrangements.

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