Meet Aurimas Juodka, the brain behind making people optimized humans.

Aurimas Juodka, aka AJ, understood his truest potential and became a highly sought after human optimization and high-performance expert.

We find people around the world who only focus on their personal achievements, missing the fact that true fulfillment can only be achieved through impact. One of the people who truly cares about social impact is Aurimas Juodka, aka Optimized Human.
His name tops the list of individuals who entered entrepreneurship with the aim to become the catalyst for change in society. His noble aim and mission have helped Optimized Human to transform the lives of thousands around the world and give them the tools to become their best versions of themselves.

Aurimas Juodka helps people to identify their biggest obstacles and help them attain their full physical and mental potential, or as AJ says, “Turn them into Optimized Humans”. This is why AJ has become a well-known high-performance and human optimization expert in the world today. He has been transforming the lives of people with his ‘Minimal Effective Dose’ approach, where he maximizes outputs with minimal inputs. AJ’s Human Optimization Coaching program is built on four strong pillars of high performance – Biology, Leadership, Efficiency and Mindset.

In people’s journeys of growth and success in life and business, there are countless hurdles and speed breakers. This is why experts in human optimization and high-performance like AJ have entered the picture. Aurimas leads people towards the most straightforward path of success by addressing the most pressing inefficiencies and removing them. Aurimas Juodka has become a highly sought-after coach and mentor who has discovered the keys to human optimization, leading people to more success, fulfillment and happiness.

Aurimas excels in the industry as a Human Optimization expert with his multi-dimensional approach, where he takes an interdisciplinary outlook to a human’s body and behavioural psychology, while doubling down on the adjustments that elicit the most significant change. AJ’s white-glove approach to his coaching is another reason for his rise in the industry. He solely focuses on the adjustments that will create lasting transformations.

AJ has proved that high-performance can lead to exponential growth, success and happiness in life and wants to help entrepreneurs, executives and business owners to unlock their potential with his Human Optimization Coaching program. To find out more, follow him on Instagram @human.optimized and visit his website,

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