Meet Biggest Social Media Influencer Sanjoy Joseph

Sanjoy Joseph Mondal knows as a Sanjoy Joseph is a technologist and has a large social media presence on platforms like Josh. He has more than 350K Josh followers, and he says he’s very knowledgeable about social media algorithms, and how to improve his social media presence.

Sanjoy Joseph Mondal
Sanjoy Joseph Mondal

Sanjoy Joseph Mondal has 50,000 followers on Instagram, which he created as an alias. His content is shared via this channel, and on this Profile, he explains different social media sites in an easy-to-understand and complex way. He goes on to add that an average user of these social media sites without understanding of the concepts in these films may profit greatly from these videos. These films have assisted a great many individuals get information that was previously concealed regarding the very famous platforms.

He is a digital creative, as well, who incorporates his short video on Josh, where he showcases his video creator’s talents. He has 50,000 followers on Instagram.

He was born and raised in the state of West Bengal. Social media platforms were always his interest, but he never finished his education. To satisfy his interest in the subject, he took a job in it. According to him, he has personal branding and digital marketing competence, as well as video creating and social media promotion abilities. When he has the time, he enjoys traveling and reading. The easy-going fitness fanatic and the simple boy-next-door describes him in his daily life.

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