Meet Fareed Lafta, consistently chasing his dreams and achieving the same

Captain Fareed Lafta is a versatile talent, appeared in Guinness World Records with 10 records

Isn’t it amazing to learn about all those individuals who exude a different level of energy and vibe and also strive to reach for excellence in whatever they wish to do in their lives and career? These individuals go ahead in making a difference in the world as a whole through their passion, grit and courageousness in their ventures and endeavours in life. One such man who has been making it huge across niches is a one of a kind gentleman named Fareed Lafta. This highly talented man is known as Captain Fareed Lafta and is the first Iraqi qualified Cosmonaut trained in Russia.

Fareed Lafta
Fareed Lafta

Who is Fareed Lafta, you ask? Well, there is no one thing that can be used to define this extremely talented and multifaceted man. Fareed Lafta proved his excellence by honing his skills as an international skydiver, international free diver, scuba diving instructor, motorcycle racer, Moe Thai fighter, balloon flyer and so much more. Fareed Lafta was born in 1978 in Baghdad, Iraq. After a week of his birth, he and his family got shifted to his grandparent’s place in a small village named Mysan. In the first three years of his growing up, he showed great vitality and energy and what attracted most people’s attention was his unique attitude and behaviour. Since the beginning, he honoured his feeling and dreams to fly someday and as he grew up, Fareed Lafta became an international citizen by travelling to 180 countries.

He even had a close inclination towards being an athlete, a flyer and a science enthusiast and also dreamt of flying with balloons. Fareed Lafta chose to develop his skills by obtaining entry-level employment in a certain academy while also observing what other candidates were doing. Soon, Fareed Lafta, after enhancing his skills in freediving, became the first Iraqi free diver and has won an eight-meter free diving competition. Extreme adventure and ultimate thrill were also something that his heart was always inclined towards.

There is a massive list that lays out what has really made Fareed Lafta famous, which started when they moved to Dubai in 2005. Some of them include making 10 Guinness World Records, largest fingerprint Iraqi flag painting with a total area 436 sqm, where 1 million fingerprints were collected from 9 provinces, forming and designing The World Largest Picture Mosaic of Iraqi flag, and also The World Largest Symbol of Peace Mosaic, taking part in the first-ever skydiving above Mount Everest, where the mission was to jump over the Mount Everest at 30,0000 ft and so much more.

So far, Fareed Lafta has attained many recognitions and accolades, including being a Goodwill Ambassador for Iraq and the list doesn’t end. Is there anything that this versatile professional can’t achieve? We guess not. To know more, visit the website, or follow on Instagram @fareedlafta.

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