Meet LeRoy Mobley, making it huge in the American music scene as a true blue artist.

He is a Pop R&B artist whose passion, grit and commitment to music led him to the forefront of the industry.

There are so many success stories around us that let us know how people went from being ordinary to become extraordinary through the many obstacles they faced in their journeys. Some of them have become renowned names in their respective fields because they chose to overcome these struggles instead of just giving up. This very strong mental fortitude and a positive mindset have helped people to rise high with success, creating a unique name for themselves. The music industry of America is known across the world for it being considered as the breeding ground for many musical talents and rightfully so looking at the talents that have emerged so far. We came across one such highly talented and high-performing Pop R&B artist named LeRoy Mobley, who believed in his dreams and made pertinent efforts to make it huge in the music industry.

LeRoy Mobley was born in Manila, the Philippines, to humble family backgrounds, where his father was a General Contractor/Vietnam War Veteran and his mother, a Registered Nurse/Gulf War Veteran mother. He was raised in Brandon, FL and graduated with a Psychology Bachelor’s degree and Spanish Minor from the University of South Florida.

Since his childhood, if anything that attracted LeRoy Mobley the most, it was all things music. This early inclination of his took him deeper into the industry over the years, ultimately making him a well-known Pop R&B artist of America, excelling as a songwriter as well. At 11 years, LeRoy Mobley began his journey in singing when one of his teachers in the school in Tampa, FL, believed in him. Hence, he made a prominent transition from singing in churches and schools into the mainstream industry as a Raw Pop R&B artist.

Along with singing publicly in 1997, LeRoy Mobley showed great interest in learning many musical instruments as well, which led him to learn to play trumpet and guitar the following years. Not just that, the young talent learnt Salsa, Latin ballroom and also got into acting in films, theatre, TV and commercials.

It was in 2016 when LeRoy Mobley’s solo pop artist career began with 50+ depression slaying original songs, while his debut single “Better Tomorrow” released in 2018. It is hard to believe that this American artist who enjoys a lot of fame today through his work was into chronic depression in his 20s; however, in 2010, LeRoy Mobley confesses that he encountered a transformational miracle and used music to cope through it all.

His voice has been so far featured on various prominent publications and currently, he enjoys a massive follower base on Instagram as well. To know more about him, follow him on Instagram @leroymobley.

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