Meet Mitesh Dubey Who Inspires Youngsters to Run for A Healthy Life: Know About His Journey from Mumbai to Delhi

Everything that is a part of this nature or surrounding has a specific purpose in its life. And, because of that purpose, everyone is helping each other either knowingly or unknowingly. Humans were sent on this planet for a purpose and without having any purpose it is impossible to create balance in society.

When it comes to fulfilling one’s purpose, then there is one fitness freak who is fired up to even cross the seven seas. Meet Mitesh Dubey (26-years-old), an athlete who started his running journey from Mumbai’s Powai Lake and is destined to end in Delhi.

Mitesh Dubey
Mitesh Dubey

He is also fulfilling his purpose just like we are doing for ourselves and that purpose is creating hope in those individuals who he meets throughout his journey. October 20, 2021, was the day when he stepped out of his home with a determination that he is going to set an example of himself and will also become history for others.

He ran through the streets of Rajasthan and was expected to reach the capital by the end of the week. Apart from being a runner, he is a Health Expert, Diet Consultant, Reader, rational thinker, and an Explorer in many ways. Let us see what the young athlete has to say and hear his experience throughout his phenomenal journey.

“An unexpected surge of the coronavirus pandemic has brought the entire world in a shamble as it has compelled people to stay within the walls of their houses. The living standards have turned upside-down, as a result of which some people have oriented themselves with the new changes and some are still struggling. But will that be enough to stay fit and fight this pandemic?”

“This question boggled my mind for weeks and later I reached a conclusion and decided to make people aware that how important exercise is for us.  I had traveled earlier, but…this was some other feeling, which finally made me decide something,” says the young athlete who is worried about other people’s health.

Basically, he works in the film industry, so his schedule is always gone for a toss! “I wondered if I’d ever get a chance to practice for this big step I’m planning to take and trust me, it requires a lot of preparation.”

“I took a day off to recover after my first run, rested on the 21st of October, and then did a 48 km run from Vasai to Manor. The next day 23rd October was a 37km run from Manor Dapchari and the next day I left for Vapi Charnaka, and completed a 35 km run.”

“About my experience, the passers-by kept appreciating my journey, gave me some sort of strength to keep going, and made me forget about the destination altogether. I carry a small bag with some chocolates, every bar/drink, and one extra pair of my running costume that I keep washing every night where I halt and rest.”

“I aim to run 10kms in an hour which is usually slowed down by the harsh sunlight, but still, I finish 5-6kms at least. I try to eat as healthy as possible at roadside/highway dhabas…better to see them cook your food live.”

Finally, the young athlete finished his 1318 km sprint and November 12, 2021, was the day when he crossed the borders of Delhi. Doing something phenomenal demands a lot of guts from a person and he was successful in doing what he aimed for. He deserves thunderous applause from all our audiences and we sincerely support such dedication and talent. Moreover, we will continue to support such young blood who believes in bringing a change in society. Let’s hear the last few inspiring words that he wants to share with his audience.

“I’d be more than thankful if I can get at least 10 people to adopt a healthy lifestyle.”

“Take good care of yourself, see you on the road”- Mitesh.

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