Meet Nafih Mohammed Naser: a child rights activist educating the children of migrant labourers

Nafih Mohammed Naser, an activist working on the issues of child rights has started a makeshift school in Bengaluru for the children of migrant labourers. The children are being taught as well as fed on a daily basis by Nafih’s team since the nationwide lockdown came into effect. The parents of these children are also provided assistance in getting employment.

Nafih Mohammed Naser
Nafih Mohammed Naser

Most of these migrant labourers lost work during the corona crisis and economic slowdown.

The education and food of the children of these migrant children are taken care of by two different teams directly working under Nafih.

“ It’s a wonderful feeling to serve the people. I understand and value the importance of education in transforming one’s life. I am today helping them with essentials but given the uncertainty of life, it is better for these kids to become educated, empowered and self-sufficient. “Nothing is as powerful as educating a child. I hope to do my bit each day”, Nafih Mohammed Naser said in a media interaction.

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