Meet Nishant Piyush, founder of Prike Media, charting a success story in the entrepreneurial world as one of the most multi-skilled professionals

His astute knowledge and understanding as an investor have also helped him thrust forward across industries

Only dreaming and desiring things have never helped people pave their path to success. All of us know how hard work and consistent efforts play a major role in helping individuals and professionals climb up the ladder of success. The world of entrepreneurship, over the years, has produced some of the astonishing most talented beings who have crossed boundaries, for they chose to become action-takers instead of only dreamers. However, one also cannot deny that becoming action-takers may need individuals to face many challenges and hurdles on their path, but how they choose to overcome the same defines them as professionals and individuals. Nishant Piyush’s journey to stardom in the entrepreneurial space is one that needs much attention and spotlight right now because he stands as a youngster, who with her ‘never say die’ attitude, kept moving on his path resiliently and kept earning the momentum and success he truly deserved, even as a youngster below 25 years.

Nishant Piyush
Nishant Piyush

Talking about his entrepreneurial journey, Nishant Piyush says that getting into the industries he desired obviously was not something that happened overnight, nor was his path too easy to walk. But what he focused on the most was the fact that in order to reach somewhere, a person must take a step forward first, leaving behind their fears and inhibitions. That’s what he did, and that’s how he could create his success story, where he vigorously worked to grow startups and became an investor as well.

Growing startups have become quite a way of life for this young talent. As an investor, too, he has honed his skills, expanded his knowledge and tried to implement the same to invest in more promising firms and startups. This astute understanding and knowledge of his have helped him own multiple companies. One of such companies is Prike Media in Dubai, the UAE, which has been consistently growing as a digital marketing firm.

Owning multiple companies, growing and investing in startups is something only some of the rarest gems of the world could do, and Nishant Piyush stands tall amongst them, making sure he also goes ahead in inspiring many other budding talents of the world.

To learn more about this multi-skilled professional, follow him on Instagram @nishant.piyush or visit the website,

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